Guide to a Natural Skin Care Routine

Guide to a Natural Skin Care Routine

Whenever sensitive skin is talked about, it is usually asked whether you are “suffering” from sensitive skin and if you do have sensitive skin then you might have already been irritated listening to the word “suffering” again and again. The usage of this word conventionally suggests that having sensitive skin is seen to have a stark difference to all the other skin types. Every skin type has its own limitations and very few people are blessed with such skin that they don’t need to care too much for it. While your skin might be different from everyone else in the world it is still categorized into types to create effective skin care products for you. Some brands are even coming up with personalized skin care products these days and it might be a blessing for people with sensitive skin.


If you are not sure whether you have sensitive skin then it is probably not that severe but it still deserves all the care. It will be damaged if the irritation passes your tolerance level which is a clear indication of skin sensitivity. Sensitive skin spectrum has a huge range of sensitivity but it usually gets irritated very easily and the substances it gets most easily irritated by are present in soaps and detergents. You need to avoid washing your face with soap and also use a face wash that is specifically designed for your skin type as it would contain the minimum amount of irritants possible. You also need to avoid using products that have alcohol in them as they will certainly irritate your skin.

 Natural Skin Care Routine

While washing clothes, you need to avoid getting in contact with detergents directly. You can wear gloves and if the rubber gloves also irritate your skin then you can wear cotton ones underneath them.If you do not have time to follow an extensive skincare regimen then you can go for an Easy Skincare Routine by using minimal products and focus on protecting your skin from external toxins.


You can also go for an all Natural Skin Care Routine but go through the ingredient list of all the products that you use to make sure that they do not contain any substances that you might be allergic to. You can also visit a dermatologist and get your skin checked for allergies and if you are allergic to a number of things and you should buy hypoallergenic products for your skin sensitivity.


Sensitive skin is also easily irritated by spending time under the Sun. You need to ensure that whenever you step out in the sun, you put a generous amount of sunscreen on all the exposed areas of your body to avoid sunburn. You also need to make sure that the sunscreen you use is designed for your skin type and spend a good amount of time on healing your skin from the adverse effects of the Sun by using natural hydrating products.


Our last tip to help improve the health of your sensitive skin is to make sure that you do not leave your makeup on for too long, never sleep with it and always use a hypoallergenic makeup remover to remove it properly without causing further damage to your skin. If you have skin imperfections and blemishes then you can include Verso Blemish Fix in your skincare routine. Also, if you are vegan and want to go for an all-vegan skincare regimen then you can start your skincare by using Sea Quartz Natural Vegan Cleanser.

 Sea Quartz Natural Vegan Cleanser

If you have no idea on how to start a new skincare routine then we suggests you read through our article on How to start with an Easy Skin Care Routine as a Beginner? Linked below:


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