How does your Skin Care Help your Overall Health?

How does your Skin Care Help your Overall Health?

Self-care is the practice of taking action to protect or improve one's health, and this also includes mental health. Especially now that people have associated self-care with wearing a face mask, bathing, or makeup. 

Skincare goes beyond vanity; Rather, devoting our time and effort to an established beauty routine has become part of our own form of self-care. 

For some people this can bring calm and relaxation. For example, our regular habits can be a great mechanism to reduce stress, anxiety and depression that can be generated from day to day, as well as increasing self-esteem.

Skincare, in addition to depending on your daily routine, is also highly influenced by healthy eating habits, exercise, journaling and skin care. Those routines are essential for your overall health, both in body and mind.

Using beauty products that help your skin also helps you feel full and happy, since skin care, as we already mentioned, will help and improve your skin.

The experience of having a facial routine at home is certainly rewarding, but you can also get a lot of satisfaction from just planning it. The anticipation of happy events releases feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. Expecting positive events has also been shown to activate a certain area of ​​the prefrontal cortex, a brain region associated with a sense of well-being.

All this has to do with our self-esteem. When we are spending time for ourselves and taking care of our skin, we are pampering ourselves at the same time. This is also necessary to feel good in our skin and with ourselves.

Although in these times we are constantly under the influence of social networks and other factors that make us want to be perfect, imperfections are what make us who we are and we have to love those details too that we don't love all the time. By being gentle and kind to our skin, this will also be reflected in our emotions and feelings.

Perfection cannot be achieved, but don't feel guilty for pampering yourself and using products that will help your skin look radiant and healthy.

Additionally, thanks to your skincare routine you will be able to know what type of skin you have, its needs, and the problems that you urgently need to treat. You will be able to discover the results you want to get with it, for example, having more hydrated, smoother skin or perhaps removing some spots and blurring certain expression lines or wrinkles. These are just some of the multiple benefits you will discover thanks to knowing more about yourself and your skin.

Remember that it is important to inform yourself and see a dermatologist or specialist if you do not know where to start with your skincare journey. This will guide you on which ingredients are best for your skin's needs. Remember that feeling good about yourself starts with you. Love yourself and pamper yourself!

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