How To Get Radiant Skin

How To Get Radiant Skin

A good skincare routine, healthy habits, hormonal balance, external agents and sun protection, are just some of the factors that influence our skin every day and affect the appearance of our skin.

Although ingredients and products work differently for all of us according to our skin type, here are some basic recommendations that you should consider on a daily basis to show off beautiful, radiant and healthy skin. If you want radiant skin, you're probably already on the right track this year. You might be eating a healthy diet, drinking water and getting enough sleep, but there are other easy ways to improve your complexion. In this post I'll share a few simple tips that will help you achieve that healthy glow! 

 1. Brightening Agents

Vitamin C in the skin continues to be carried from generation to generation.

Besides being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps neutralize free radicals that may cause oxidative stress on the skin and cause wrinkles, expression lines or signs of aging.

It is also essential for the production of collagen in skin cells, helping to maintain the skin's structure.

Another key ingredient is Niacinamide, (Nicotinamide), a form of vitamin B-3, an essential nutrient for the skin.

And its effects are endless, from minimizing redness and blemishes, reducing inflammation caused by acne and other inflammatory skin conditions, to treating hyperpigmentation. All this is because it stimulates the production of collagen and the more collagen the less spots.

2. Hydration

Climate change, constant environmental pollution, solar radiation, among other factors, are damaging our skin and delaying the natural production of collagen, vitamin C and vitamin E, which are protectors of our skin.

It is for this reason that hydration and constant care are a must for healthy skin.

A good moisturizer with a repairing formula will help us achieve that moisture -with the mixture of ceramides among other ingredients- in the extracellular lipid matrix in our skin's outermost layer, which is crucial for the skin barrier.

3. Extra care

In addition to hydrating, additional care that helps us illuminate our skin are masks. It will also help us to nourish and awaken that dull look that we usually have due to a lack of care. Come on, they are a perfect option to overcome a dull tone and a tired face.

Another option is to attack direct root problems, such as: eye cream for dark circles, lip dehydration treatments, or additional products to basic care, such as serums, tonics, gels and sprays.

Your skin will thank you for these simple changes!

Skin care is a long term investment in your appearance and health, so don't think of it as an expense but rather an investment. You'll see that the benefits far outweigh any costs involved with taking care of your skin. We are always here if you need help with your skin care journey


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