How to start with an Easy Skincare Routine as a Beginner?

How to start with an Easy Skincare Routine as a Beginner?

If you have never had a skincare routine and have started noticing the harsh consequences of stepping out in the polluted environment on your skin then you probably need to start with the basics. Environmental pollutants and all the toxins — that your skin is struggling to deal with due to an unhealthy lifestyle — need to be removed from your body and one way to do that is to clear your skin on a regular basis with a skincare routine. Along with the skincare habits that we will be suggesting in this article, you also need to have healthy food habits as well as low stress levels to ensure that you get the best possible results from this routine but first, read through the article to find out the basics of a Healthy Skincare Routine.

If you have been blessed with beautiful glowing all your life and never followed a skincare routine then you probably are noticing some issues now because the cell regeneration process of the skin slows down with age and you might also be noticing some signs of aging. To start with the basics, you will have to find a good facial cleanser that suits your skin. Start with one product at a time to figure out what suits your skin and what doesn’t.

Easy Skincare Routine.

There are plenty of options available in the market to choose from as almost every cosmetic manufacturer in the world produces a facial cleanser and you have to find the one that suits you the best. You might have to do some trial and error but some elimination can be done before that by figuring out your skin type. Most facial cleanser manufacturers state which skin types their product is suitable for. For the first time, go for a facial cleanser that mentions your skin type and is from one of the best skincare brands.

If you have an oily skin you should find a product that is astringent or alcohol based in order to remove the excess oil produced in your skin naturally as it blocks your pores and causes all kinds of skin issues.If your skin is dry then you need to find a very gentle facial cleanser as your skin cannot tolerate all the harsh chemicals present in many facial cleansers. A gentle but effective cleanser would work the best with combination skin. If the current one doesn’t do the job then you can look for another one. Pro-tip: Find a trial pack or small packaging of a product that you’re trying for the first time; you can always buy the long lasting one when you’re sure it works for you.

Once you find a suitable facial cleanser, you need to use it twice a day, once in the morning in the shower and once at night before going to bed to remove all the excess toxins accumulated in your skin. Since a cleanser also takes out natural oils from your skin, you need to add some moisture back to your skin to make sure it doesn’t dry out. If you leave the house after just washing your face with a cleanser your skin would be more prone to the damage caused by external factors. You need to find a moisturiser as the next product: this would be the second product of your Easy Skincare Routine.

To select a moisturiser from the wide range of products available in the market, checkout the ingredient list and make sure that the product you are buying is fragrance-free as fragrances might irritate your skin. It also needs to be non-greasy as the oils in that product can clog your pores, causing inflammation and other skin problems. A heavy formula is suitable for dry skin and a light one is suitable for oily skin.

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A facial cleanser followed by moisturiser is the perfect combination for starting a skincare routine and you can add products such as a toner and an exfoliant as you find safe Personal Care products for your skin. As you progress into your skincare routine, you can go a level deeper and find a serum which you need to apply after a toner and before a moisturiser and SPF.

If you wish to find a serum which hydrates, moisturises and reduces signs of aging all in the same formula then we recommend you try Emma Hardie Midas Touch Serum as it will help you give the youthful glowing skin that you desire in no time. If you want a foundation that is not harmful for your skin and hides all your blemishes then our recommendation for that would be Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation which is a full coverage foundation.

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