Summer Skincare Tips

Summer Skincare Tips

When it comes to skincare, the skin requires certain special care depending on the season of the year. Especially in spring-summer we must prioritize sun protection and skin hydration, without adding too many greasy products as they can clog our pores and cause acne breakouts.

Having a skincare routine is also about being consistent, taking care of our diet and staying hydrated.

Here are our best tips to show off radiant, healthy and hydrated skin during this hot season.



This includes both keeping you hydrated by drinking 2 liters of water daily, as well as giving your skin the necessary hydration.

Water is a fantastic remedy for our skin to be healthier than ever, it is also great for eliminating (or preventing) fine lines and signs of aging, since natural water is responsible for lubricating the different layers of the skin that cause wrinkles.

So yes, water is necessary for both your health and skin care.


Sun protection

Sunscreen is the best anti-aging product as it prevents damage caused by UV radiation. It is important to apply it every 2-3 hours during the day and avoid sun exposure.

To prevent blemishes, make sure your facial sunscreen is non-comedogenic so it doesn't clog pores. As an alternative to sunscreen, you can use a day cream with SPF built in to help your skin breathe better.



With the heat, our skin tends to sweat a lot more and we tend to touch our face more often to dry the sweat away.

For this reason exactly, try to give yourself a few minutes at night for a deep facial cleansing. Put greasy products aside and try some delicate foaming water-based cosmetics to avoid further irritating your face.

Consider choosing products enriched with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, salicylic acid, or grape seed extract.


Peeling is an exfoliation process that is carried out on the skin to remove dead cells and heal tissues. It is advisable to do them regularly since the correct exfoliation can release dirt and sebum from deep within our pores.

And although there is no indicated season to perform them, these treatments can also help us repair the natural barrier of our skin.

Remember to not overdo peelings, as it could cause irritation, burning, redness and inflammation; breakouts, especially small pimples and increased sensitivity

We suggest not peeling your skin in the morning, to avoid further exposition of your skin to the aggressive action of UV rays.


After-Sun Care

As we mentioned in one of the previous sections, it is necessary to treat our skin with lotions or creams that are refreshing after being exposed to the sun.

The product we choose - gel, lotion or cream - should be based on the texture and formula of the products.

Keep in mind that water-based formulas, like aloe vera, have greater benefits after sun exposure. This is because they help regenerate sun-damaged, dry skin and are quicker to absorb; not to mention the refreshing sensation they will give you.

Remember to enjoy summer without neglecting your skin!

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