Which is Best – Leather Makeup Bag or Aluminium?

Which is Best – Leather Makeup Bag or Aluminium?

Is your expensive makeup being spoiled by heat damage or by accidently dropping your makeup bag? Are you tired of not being able to find your products in your old bag every morning and want your products more organised? Then it is high time to replace your old makeup bag and get one that suits all your needs. The first step would be to figure out what are all the kinds of makeup bags available in the market. Two of the main contenders are mentioned below.


Types of Makeup Bags:

The two types of makeup cases available and preferred by most people are aluminium and leather beauty case and you’ll have to figure out which one of the two works for your personal makeup needs. Aluminium Makeup Cases are hard and big in size and are preferable for people who have a lot of products and need to organise them properly.

Since, they are hard, they protect all the products from heat from the Sun and also accidently dropping the bag. Most professional makeup artists have these cases which might incline you towards them as they have different compartments and all of them are constructed in such a way that they display the products properly making it easier for the professionals to pick and use all the products with ease.


But there are certain things still to be considered.An Aluminium case usually takes a lot of space and is heavy which makes it difficult to carry everywhere. If you are someone who only uses a limited number of makeup products and need a makeup bag for an everyday look, you probably should get a bag that is easy to carry.


One of the choices for you would be to get a soft bag, preferably made of leather as products made with plastic or silicon would not protect your makeup that well. Leather bags are available in different sizes and you can choose the one that will carry all your makeup. If it is a small bag, you can even keep it in your handbag and carry it to work for touch-ups. A leather bag can even have different compartments — depending on the size and the brand — to help you organize your makeup products making it easier to find them quickly every morning.


Another thing to look into while choosing the best makeup bag for you is to look for the colour and design that suits your personal style the best. One of my recommendations for you to choose from would be Elle Beauty Case (as they have a lot of variety to choose from).

Also, if you are a vegan and want to avoid animal use, you can opt for faux leather which is made from natural materials. So, you can always go for a Vegan Leather Bag. If you want to expand your makeup collection, I would suggest you try Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and Alima pure makeup.

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