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Wildsmith Skincare: 50 ml Active Repair Copper Peptide Cream


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Wildsmith Skincare: 50 ml Active Repair Copper Peptide Cream

Wildsmith Skincare: 50 ml Active Repair Copper Peptide Cream

An advanced formula with Copper Peptide, Hyaluronic Acid and Moringa Seed Oil provides firming, hydrating and anti-oxidant protection for the skin. This daily moisturiser helps to combat the degeneration of density in the skin's collagen and elastin fibres, and so keeping at bay dull, lacklustre skin lacking in plumpness and firmness.

1. A restructuring and collagen boosting moisturiser to firm the skin.
2. Wildsmith Skin Copper Peptide Complex infuses the cells with copper ions to increase wound healing. It helps to stimulate collagen synthesis. It offers the ultimate antioxidant protection for collagen, elastin. Helps to firm and tighten skin.
3. Hydrolized Hyaluronic Acid is a low weight hyaluronic acid that can hold up to a 1000 x its own weight in moisture. A powerful humectant to draw in and hold moisture to achieve a plumping and softening effect on the skin.

How it Works
A powerful copper peptide moisturiser designed restructure the skins collagen and restore firmness. Skin feels regenerated and restructured thanks to the increase in collagen that the Peptide Complex helps to promote. A low weight hyaluronic acid to act like a moisture magnet to plump up the skin and lock in hydration. Limiting water loss, ensuring water tightness and stimulating collagen.
It delivers antioxidant protection, preventing cellular damage & removing damaged collagen and  elastin. Skin appears smoother by limiting facial contractions which leads to lines and wrinkles.

Use it because
"If you have noticed……………

Expression lines becoming more noticeable
Loss of firmness in the cheeks
Loss of volume and density – jawline, cheekbones etc
Skin appears crepey on the neck and décolleté
Skin marks and creases upon waking   
Skin feels dry, dehydrated and lost vitality
Loss of energy and vibrancy and skin has lost the youthful glow
Skin appearing dull and devitalised due to pollution and environmental aggressors
Skin is unbalanced, slightly congested and suffering with sensitive patches"

The Results
"Clinically Tested over a period of 28 days by 34 female subjects aged 18 to 65, with dry to very dry skin.

89% of subjects showed a significant restructuring effect with a 30% decrease in the skins protein content, indicating an increase in epidermal cell renewal.

71% of subjects showed a significant increase in collagen density of +6%.

100% said skin felt softer and nourished.

97% said skin felt smoother and moisturised. 91% said skin felt regenerated."

How to use it
Use morning and evening, after cleansing. Apply 1-2 Wildsmith spoons onto dry skin, massaging firmly in an upwards and outwards direction

Key ingredients
"Wildsmith Line Relaxant & Collagen Boosting Complex:
A combination of Spilanthes (paracress flower) and Astragalus (milkvetch plant roots)
Limits facial contractions (natural Botox effect)

Stimulates collagen producing cells (fibroblast proliferation)

Protects and preserve the life span of the cell renewal cells (protecting telomeres) Rich is omegas, the seeds contain about 40% oil and particularly rich in oleic acid, tocopherols and calming sterols

Vitamins A, C & E - contains 46 antioxidants & 36 anti inflammatory agents..  
Moringa is anti microbial, anti inflammatory, healing and oil balancing."