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Wildsmith Skincare: 50ml Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment


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Wildsmith Skincare: 50ml Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment

Wildsmith Skincare: 50ml Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment

"Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment is both a chemical and physical exfoliant which delivers outstanding results for a smoother, brighter complexion. Formulated with enzymes, the chemical and physical exfoliants help to remove dead, dull skin cells, unclog pores and work at a cellular level in a gentle, effective way."

1/ A physical and chemical exfoliant. Skin is renewed and resurfaced thanks to the removal of the dead skin cells, new skin cells can reach the surface.Skin's texture is refined, achieving a smoother more youthful complexion . 2/ Smooths, renews, brightens, evens skin tone, refines.   3/ Contains PHA, Pineapple Enzymes and Cherry Stone Micro Powder.  4/ Naturally occurring in fruits and rice, Wildsmith Skin PHA is produced through a fermentation process.

How it works
The Chemical Exfoliant i.e. PHA Next generation AHA’s, penetrate the skin slowly and gently to aid the removal of dead skin cells. PHA is a larger molecule than AHA’s which attracts and holds water providing deep moisturisation. The Physical Exfoliant – Cherry Stone Micro Powde. Gently lifts and polishes the dead skin cells away to leave the skin texture smooth and soft and the complexion glowing. The Enzymatic Exfoliant – Pineapple Fruit Extract. Bromelain is an effective enzyme found in pineapple which breaks down the proteins that hold onto the dead skin cells and reduce inflammation. Leaving the complexion smooth and radiant.

Use it because
If you have noticed……………

Dull complexion, lack of radiance and luminosity
Congested skin, clogged pores, hormonal breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads
Skin texture feels rough to the touch, uneven and can appear blotchy
Uneven skin tone
Skin feels dry, appears patchy and make up goes on unevenly

The Results
"Clinically Tested over a period of 28 days by 30 female subjects aged 25 to 65.       90% of testers said skin looked younger, fresher and brighter
83% said skin felt moisturised and hydrated
89% said skin looks and feels softer and smoother
90% said skin looked brighter and more radiant
70% of testers with pigmentation reported fading of brown spots and patches
77% said skin looked clearer, with fewer blackheads and whiteheads
73% said skin looked more even-toned

Skin tone and pigmentation improved by 2%

Skin moisture levels were instantly improved by 16% after a single use.

Skin moisture levels were improved by 11% after using twice per week

Skin smoothness - Reduction in roughness and scaliness, as well as reducing wrinkles improved by 10%"

How to use it

"Cleanse first with Wildsmith Skin Cleansing Balm and Mitt. Apply 2-3 measures using the Wildsmith Skin Spoon which is included with the Dual Action Exfoliating treatment to clean dry skin. You may feel a slight tingle and the skin may flush, this is the exfoliating acids helping to loosen the dead skin cells. For best results use at night time and follow with an SPF if applying in the morning. Use once or twice a week depending on your skin condition and needs. For the ultimate exfoliation and intense results apply a thin layer after cleansing."

Key ingredients

"Gluconolactone (PHA) from fermented seeds are next generation AHA's, they stimulate cell regeneration, penetrate gently and slower, attract and hold water providing deep moisturisation, balances and restores the skin PH, restores enzyme activity therefore reducing breakouts.

Glycolic Acid (AHA) penetrates the skin effectively, stimulates collagen, breaks down hyperpigmentation and dissolves the bonds holding the dead skin cells.

Bromelain enzyme from Pineaple Fruit Extract breaks down proteins into aminoacids and then disintegrates excess surface skin cells. Also reduces inflammation, smoothes the skin texture and leaves the skin with a radiant glow.

Cherry Stone Powder gently buffs and lifts dead skin cells away, sweeping away the dead skin cells after the AHA's and PHA's have loosened them, leaving the skin texture smooth, soft and refined".