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Jenny Patinkin: Luxury Vegan 5-piece Makeup brush set with velvet case


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Jenny Patinkin:  Luxury Vegan 5-piece Makeup brush set with velvet case

Jenny Patinkin: Luxury Vegan 5-piece Makeup brush set with velvet case

This collection of 5 multi-use, multi-purpose makeup brushes proves that you don't have to sacrifice luxury, quality or results when you choose a vegan brush. Each of the brushes in this collection is multipurpose and multi-use, they feel velvety soft to the touch, and balance perfectly in the hand and apply makeup seamlessly. Handmade by highly skilled artisans, these pretty makeup brushes set the new standard for vegan beauty. They’re so soft and lovely, you would never know they’re vegan.

Powder/Bronzer Brush. Cheek Brush. All Over Face Brush. Eyeshadow Brush. Line/Smudge Brush. Conceal/Buff Brush. Croc-Embossed Grey Velvet Case.

How to Use:
1) Complexion - 
  • This Complexion Brush is a workhorse that can be used for application of any cream, liquid or powder makeup, including foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, highlighter, or contour. Dual length fibers smooth on less product more efficiently while the angled head of the brush delivers a seamless application of product without pulling or tugging at the skin underneath.
  • Lightly tap or use short strokes to gently blend a thin layer of product. Use longer strokes to diffuse and give lighter coverage. Rub the brush head on a washcloth to remove pigments between products or before further blending. Pressure should be so light that your skin does not move underneath the brush.
2) Blend/Set - 
  • This multi-tasking brush feels whisper soft on the skin, ensuring a light and natural application of makeup. Use to strategically apply setting powder in the t-zone, highlight or contour, or to blend eyeshadow. It’s so handy and multi-purpose, this brush will become an indispensable part of your kit.
  • Gently swirl or tap this brush into loosed or pressed powder, creams or liquids, and sweep back and forth over the skin to softly apply or blend.
3) Brow/Line - 
  • This angled and fine tipped brush can apply hair-thin strokes of brow powder or gel, or a clean line of eyeliner with next to no effort. Perfect for anyone who likes a subtle, natural look. May also be used for tightlining.
  • Tap or lightly sweep the top edge of this brush into your powder, cream or gel product, wiping away any excess products from the side edges, and then make small upward strokes to apply. This brush may also be dragged or tapped for a longer-line, precise application.
4) Pin Point Liner - 
  • This fine-tipped Pin Point Liner brush may be used to apply a delicate line of eyeliner with powder or gel, lightly smudge a pencil liner, tightline, spot cover blemishes, highlight the inner corner of the eyes, or to apply and clean up lipstick. It’s small but mighty!
  • Roll the brush tip around in your product and then gently tap, drag or swirl your application. Wipe away excess pigments on a washcloth when switching between products.
5) Domed Multi-Blender - 
  • The soft yet dense shape of this brush allows for effortless blending of cream or powder eyeshadow, particularly in the socket line. May also be used for concealer application, detailed contouring, or to highlight, buff and blend.
  • Gently tap or swirl brush head into any liquid, cream, gel or powder and then lightly sweep, swirl or tap into place. Application should be so light that your skin does not move underneath the brush.