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Jenny Patinkin: Pure Luxury Organic Bamboo Reusable Sheet Mask with matching Spa headband


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Jenny Patinkin: Pure Luxury Organic Bamboo Reusable Sheet Mask with matching Spa headband

Jenny Patinkin: Pure Luxury Organic Bamboo Reusable Sheet Mask with matching Spa headband

It’s time to Renew, Refresh and Reuse by saying goodbye to wasteful, disposable sheet masks and opting for an eco-friendly alternative instead. Pair this sheet mask with your own skincare products to improve their performance - and the appearance of your skin. This organic sheet mask from Jenny Patinkin will complement and enhance the skincare products you already love and give your complexion a whole new level of glow.

Chilled in cold water, this mask can help increase circulation, reduce inflammation and leave you looking and feeling refreshed. Heated with warm water, it can aid with product absorption, prevent ingredient evaporation and improve moisture retention.

Dye-free, naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial, and sustainably made with lyocell from organic bamboo. GOTS Certified Organic. OEKO-TEX 100 Certified Non-Toxic.

1x Reusable Sheet Mask. 1x Matching Spa Headband. 1x Multi-purpose Travel Pouch.

How to Use:
Chilled – Soak in cold water, wring out to desired level of moisture and apply to clean skin for 1-5 minutes. Pair with our Face Roller for a super de-puffing, glow boosting treatment.

Warm – Heat with very warm (but not hot or boiling) water and wring out to your desired level of moisture. Lay over clean skin for 1-2 minutes to help open up pores, and then reheat and apply on top of a hydrating serum, essence or mask. Remove the mask after a few minutes and if desired, use the mask to wipe away any excess product.

Post Derma Rolling - After using our Derma Roller, apply a warm mask on top of your hydrating skincare product of choice to further enhance product absorption. In addition, or if preferred, apply cold after derma rolling to reduce redness and soothe.

Do not pair with clay or other masks that are designed to dry on the skin. Do not pair with exfoliating treatments such as acids or retinol.

Machine wash and tumble dry after every use.

Expert Tips:
Add a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil to the temples of your spa headband for a stress relief and relaxation experience.

To tighten or loosen the headband, simply adjust the knot size.

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