Soft Honey Peel

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A soft, caring peel to enliven the complexion and even skin tone by gently exfoliating the superficial layers of the skin.Formulated with nature’s finest HEATHER HONEY, discover the benefits of this rejuvenating treatment:

·         Removes dead skin cells and treats blocked pores

·         Softens lines, wrinkles and damaged areas of the skin

·         Reduces age spots and freckles

Suitable for use on the entire face, neck and décolleté; leaving you with silky soft and smooth skin, receptive to the restorative benefits of Regentiv’s skincare range.Paraben-free and perfume-free. Regentiv avoids known irritants and is committed to never using raw materials or derivatives that have been tested upon animals. 

How to Use

Apply a thin layer to a cleansed face, neck, décolleté and eye area. Wait 5 - 10 minutes and massage lightly, then support the skin with two fingers from one hand whilst sweeping the mask off with the fingertips from the other hand. Pay particular attention to the expressive lines around the eyes and mouth. Then rinse away completely. Apply as a twice weekly regime after cleansing, followed by the application of your Regentiv preparation for optimum results.