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Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Oil In Essence 30ml/1oz


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Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Oil In Essence 30ml/1oz

Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Oil In Essence 30ml/1oz

a luxurious oil in essence born from shu uemura's half a century expertise in oil. ultime8 sublime beauty essence will unveil your skin's ageless beauty proven to firm, lift and lively plump skin to smooth out lines. shu uemura makeup artists have been observing women's skin for many years. they know that the power of oil is the solution to rescue even the severe condition of a model's skin. the oil component is essential to retaining water in the cells. with age, oil in the skin decreases and lack of water makes aging signs more visible. this first essence from the legendary skincare line reverses the visible signs of aging. a sublime combination of 8 precious oils meets cutting-edge anti-aging care technology.

Advanced Anti-aging Skincare

proxylane, a credible anti-aging molecule reconstructs the skin from dermis to epidermis. together with ultime8 complex, geranium oil increases skin's collagen, the source of plumpness.

Sensational Texture

the oil transforms into a fresh moisturizing serum penetrating deep into the skin. it will leave your skin feeling soft as cashmere.

How to Apply
after applying toner or lotion step of your skincare routine, take an appropriate amount (2 to 3 pumps) in the palm and apply gently on the skin. contents may solidify at the tip of the nozzle if unused for an extended period of time.