BB Cream as part of Your Natural Skin Care Routine

BB Cream as part of Your Natural Skin Care Routine

You might be a little sceptical of the title at first but read through the article and you’ll know what we mean. BB Cream or the “Blemish Balm” cream is one product that has gained immense popularity in the beauty and skincare industry over the past few years. A lot of people think that a BB Cream is just a light coverage replacement for foundation but it is much more than that. Keep reading to find out its benefits.


History of the Origin of BB Cream:

BB Cream is one product that is a part of makeup but has healing and regenerative properties and is used for multiple purposes. It was first formulated in 1967 by a German dermatologist named Christine Schrammek. The formula and its purposes have obviously evolved over the decades but the original version was created to help the patients of laser skin surgery reduce their scarring and keep the scarred skin moisturized. The regenerative properties of the cream helped improve the health of the scarred skin as well.

 Natural Skin Care Routine

Later, some of the television stars of Korea started using the cream to improve the texture and tone of their skin and brought the multiple beneficial features of the cream to the notice of the world. 


The BB Cream was rediscovered in Europe a decade ago and most of the leading Cosmetic companies have brought out their own version of the cream in the market since then. It has now become a product that most cosmetic consumers own and rely upon for the betterment of their skin.


Uses and Variants of BB Cream:

The BB Cream can be a part of your Natural Skin Care Routine as it can work as a moisturiser, a primer, a light coverage foundation and even a concealer. It gives a natural complexion and is very easy to match with your skin colour as it blends really well and does not just sit on the skin like other products. It even improves the condition of the stem cells of the skin and help the natural rejuvenating process of the skin and reduce blemishes and acne scars in the long run.


A popular variant of the BB Cream has anti-aging and Sun protection properties. It helps hide minor imperfections and the SPF in the product helps block UV rays to protect the skin from Sun damage. Over prolonged usage, the cream helps reverse the signs of aging by reducing wrinkles and age spots and also make the skin brighter and glow from within.

  Natural Skin Care Routine

People all over the world are now using BB Cream for improving the health of their skin but if you have a lot of acne scars and blemishes and need something stronger, we recommend you give Verso Blemish Fix a shot. Also, try Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleansing Gel for a clean and glowing skin to prep it for your favourite BB Cream.

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