How Do You Take Care of Your Skin During the Winter?

How Do You Take Care of Your Skin During the Winter?

We know that you are most likely reading this while you are all bundled up in bed wearing warm cozy pajamas drinking some hot cocoa. And it's no wonder that this season we want to stay as warm as possible. But just as we like the cold because it brings with it one of our favorite holidays: Christmas, it is also a season in which we must be extra careful with our skin.

We usually think that without the heat and constant sun that we have in summer, benefits us, but with the cold our skin can become rough, dull and flaky. That is why we want to guide you so that you know what care you should take into account in your skincare routine for Winter. Sometimes it happens that we tend to neglect our skin during the cold season as we think that without the heat of summer we no longer need to take care of our skin.

However, it is the opposite, we must be careful in every season of the year although our skincare may vary depending on the season in which we are at the time. If we forget to take care of our skin we are risking our skin to turn dull, rough and flaky.

Here are 6 effective tips that will help you show off hydrated, radiant and beautiful skin even in this cold.

 Get a gentle cleanser

You may need to replace your old cleanser with one that is softer for your skin in this season. This will help prevent your skin from becoming dry and irritated and will act more gently on your skin barrier.

 Prioritize these ingredients

Some active ingredients can help you retain that much-needed hydration this season. Try to use products that contain: ceramides, niacinamide and vitamin C, as these will work to repair and restore your skin's barrier, protect it from free radicals, calm it and even reduce certain redness and possible pimples.

Stay healthy and hydrated

Remember that maintaining a good diet and staying hydrated is key to having healthy and beautiful skin. Try to consume foods rich in vitamin A, C and E and foods that contain active antioxidants.

 Sunscreen is still necessary

Even in the cold season we should not leave our sunscreen aside. Sun protection is also essential in winter, not only to protect us against sunburn, but also to prevent photoaging of the skin. So now you know you still need to apply sunscreen every day.

 Don't forget the rest of your body

Additionally to our skin being more sensitive to the cold, it is still necessary to take care of the rest of our body as we do for our face. Apply a generous amount of body lotion to your hands, elbows, arms and legs to avoid falling victim to dry skin.

You can try a humidifier

Just as you need to maintain your water intake, you need to maintain the water levels within your skin to keep your skin barrier healthy. To deeply hydrate and maintain moisture in your skin, you can opt to buy a humidifier if you feel that you need more humidity in the spaces of your home.


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