What are Good Care Tips for Your Skin?

What are Good Care Tips for Your Skin?

We begin to approach a new season and with it we begin to plan vacations, dinners, festivities and much more. Each season demands different skin and beauty care, but it is important to know which steps should not be missing in your skincare routine.

Here we explain 5 basic steps that you must integrate into your routine to show off a beautiful and healthy skin.

Cleanse First

Facial cleansing is the first step in the skincare routine. A cleansing gel will help you remove dirt, oil, sebum and pollution particles that can accumulate in your pores. In addition, the active ingredients found in a cleansing gel will help make your skin healthier. Refresh your skin while removing impurities with the Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleansing Gel

Choose The Right Toner

Applying a toning lotion with a cotton pad can be beneficial. Besides refreshing, restoring the skin's pH and hydrating, the facial toner helps additionally to close the pores and balance and prepare the skin for subsequent treatment. We recommend using alcohol-free toners regardless of your skin type. Although toners that include alcohol have a cooling effect, they can also alter the natural lipids of our skin, producing excess lipids in an attempt to replenish those that have been eliminated. Check out Emma Hardie’s Exfoliating Brightening Tonic, a great product for exfoliating and brightening the skin.

Why Not Exfoliate?

By deeply cleansing the skin, exfoliating your skin helps remove excess sebum accumulated in the pores and eliminates dead cells, which helps prevent the formation of blackheads, pimples and possible breakouts. Another of the great benefits of exfoliation is that it helps cell turnover to give the skin a brighter and smoother appearance. In this way the skin stays fresh by making new cells cover the surface, eliminating dead and dry cells. Do you want refreshed skin twice a day? Then, you need to check out Reflekt Daily Exfoliating Face Wash.

 Try A Serum

Choosing a correct serum can help you correct specific skin problems or topical tendencies (wrinkles, redness, dryness, blemishes, dull skin).Using a facial cream cannot always solve these types of skin problems, which is why we recommend integrating it into your skincare routine. This way your routine will be more complete and effective. A brighter, more radiant appearance is now in your grasp with Emma Hardie’s Midas Touch Serum.

Add Some Moisturizer

Moisturizing creams, in addition to bringing moisture into our skin, help us create a protective barrier between the skin and the environment, preventing moisture from escaping from our skin. It is important to remember that even if we have oily, normal or young skin, we must keep our skin well moisturized.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

As we have said before, the skin is the largest organ in our body and we must be consistent in taking care of our skin to protect it from sun damage. Daily use of sunscreen will help keep your skin healthy, natural and beautiful. SPF helps protect the skin against long-term damage, such as wrinkles or sunburn, and reduces the risk of skin cancer.


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