Does Drinking Water Help With Your Health And Skincare?

Does Drinking Water Help With Your Health And Skincare?

In addition to water being necessary to hydrate on a daily basis, there have also been many proven benefits that help both our health, body and skin. The skin is made up of three layers — the outer layer (epidermis), the layer below it (dermis), and the subcutaneous tissue. If the outer layer of the epidermis does not have enough water, the skin will lose elasticity and feel rough.

Water is a great natural remedy for our skin to be healthier, since it is responsible for removing (or preventing) fine lines and signs of aging, helping lubricate different layers of our skin that could produce wrinkles. Agents such as atmospheric pollution, dust, and other factors, are deposited on our skin daily. Makeup remains and dead cells clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing, causing dryness, irritation, dehydration and making our skin barrier less healthy.

In addition to integrating a good facial cleansing to get rid of all those negative substances (such as the use of products that help our skin to hydrate, tone and illuminate), include two liters of water daily, to achieve the greatest possible number of benefits for the care of our health and skin. It is important to keep in mind that we must also avoid all kinds of irritating agents that can cause dehydration that can alter the lipid layer and decrease hydration.

Including moisturizing agents usually in the form of moisturizers or serums will help prevent your skin from drying out and improve its moisture retention. It's been told by experts that water flushes toxins from our body, especially some harmful toxins that can toll on our overall health, and helps transport nutrients to parts where our body needs them the most. The thing is that water acts like more of a lubricant for the organs, and it's no secret that our skin is our body's largest organ.

When it comes to skincare, some of these toxins could clog small pores on our epidermis and can cause issues like acne and pimples. By drinking more water, you ensure that you won’t suffer from severe breakouts. The more hydrated your skin is, the less your pores will clog. From the health side and not so much from the beauty side, drinking between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day will help your body feel satiated, therefore it will help you eat less. Furthermore, it helps burn calories and acts as a barrier to fat storage in the body. 

Likewise, not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, affecting the mood part of your brain causing you to find yourself more down that unusual. Beyond impacting your brain, drinking water will help increase the flow of endorphins, chemical substances that stimulate the brain and generate a feeling of well-being and happiness.


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